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Catholic Bible in Pictures

Catholic Bible in Pictures

Roman Catholic Books

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Why did yesterday’s Catholic kids know the Bible so much better than today’s?

One MAJOR reason: this magnificent Bible picture book

Even back in the Fifties, this book was considered ambitious. Today it would be unthinkable for a Catholic publisher to lavish so much time, talent and expense on a book intended primarily (but by no means exclusively) for young people. Consider the contents:

  • EVERY significant story in the Bible (both Testaments), told in sequences of three to ten captioned pictures
  • An astonishing 1,085 pen-and-ink illustrations in all—not cartoon-like outline drawings, but intelligent, and bursting with historical details
  • Captions are concise—typically two or three sentences—and summarize the action of each picture in clear language, using direct Biblical quotations wherever possible
  • The pictures are reverent yet dramatic, and flow into one another so that the movement of the story is clearly seen
  • Teens no less than children can enjoy—and learn from— this book, which serves as an excellent primer (or refresher course) in Bible history
  • In telling about Jesus, detailed attention is paid not only to his miracles and Passion but to His teachings, including key parables and the Sermon on the Mount 11 talented artists prepared the illustrations, which were then verified by Bible experts for historical accuracy
  • Index of Biblical names and places
  • Special full-color section
  • Hardcover