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Right From the Beginning

Right From the Beginning

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Eventually exiled by MSNBC’s president, who declared that Buchanan discussed ideas that should not be bandied about in polite (ahem: leftist) society, Pat Buchanan grew up just like a lot of us. In one of his earliest books, an autobiography penned just after Pat served as Ronald Regan’s chief of communications, Buchanan laid out the facts of his Catholic upbringing in the 1940s and 50s... explained how he was schooled and what it was like being trained by the nuns and then the Jesuits...and much else. Including:

  •  The old Catholic ways: thriving under the Jesuits at Gonzaga, under the loving discipline
    of the Church—at home and in the parish, Blessed Sacrament, to which he devotes a chapter
  •  The private Richard Nixon, whom Pat served as campaign aide, traveling alone with him as
    he built his presidential run in 1966-7
  • How Reagan and Nixon differed—interesting glimpses into each man’s character 
  • Why “democracy is not enough.” The crucial importance Pat places on Christian values in
    the reform, if any, of our nation
  • Ten constitutional amendments Pat’s ideal president would propose
  • What they don’t tell you about Senator Joe McCarthy
  • Predictions of conservative-liberal battles which, 25 years later we see, were dead on

This is the book that laid the groundwork for Buchanan’s first two presidential runs, one of which shocked the complacent Bush (41) Administration, the other steamrolled the entire GOP establishment and nearly toppled Bob Dole, who lost to Pat in New Hampshire in 1996.

High Praise for Right from the Beginning:

“Pat Buchanan is perhaps the most brilliant
and influential conservative writing in
America today.”—Richard Nixon, 1989

“To know what the conservatives are
thinking you have to read Pat Buchanan.”—
George Bush

“A graceful and affecting tribute to the
people, places and institutions that molded
him.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Buchanan is the pit bull of the American
Right.”—George Will