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A Confederacy of Evil

A Confederacy of Evil

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What did Cardinal Newman see that nobody else did, 150 years ago?

Signs of the End Times--which he recounted in four masterful sermons

The now-Blessed John Henry Newman, in the words of Malcolm Muggeridge,

"foresaw with unique clarity how in our time, some two thousand years after St. Paul's prophecy was uttered, every particular would come to pass, down to the smallest detail."...However, Muggeridge noted, "God never leaves us in unrelieved darkness," and he found a consolation in the Newman sermons, in that they provided a sure guide for Catholics in our day.

In these sermons, together with an introduction by the late Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J.--whose book, The Antichrist, remains the standard contemporary popular reference--Cardinal Newman:

  • warned about innovators within the Church who would relax not only Christian moral norms, but our forms of worship;
  • cautioned against anti-authority ideologies, which by now have overtaken virtually all of the Western world;
  • noted the developing conditions for the open denial of God and routine blaspheming of Christ
  • compared ancient ransacking of churches with prophecies of future anti-Christian rage and persecution

Fr. Miceli's Introduction takes us step by step through Newman's discourses. The combined essays are now for the first time available between the covers of one readable book.

Newman's Powerful Sermons

  1. The Times of Antichrist
  2. The Religion of Antichrist
  3. The City of Antichrist
  4. The Persecution of Antichrist

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