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Shakespeare's Use of the Arts and Language

Shakespeare's Use of the Arts and Language

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How do children learn to write? By reading, of course.And who better to use as a guide than William Shakespeare

Grammar school students in Shakespeare’s time were taught200 figures of speech derived from Latin and Greek scholars.This knowledge was enormously important in their thoroughgrounding in logic, grammar and rhetoric, the three elementsof the Trivium, the teaching method enjoying a resurgencetoday, especially among homeschoolers.

“The extraordinary power, vitality, and richness ofShakespeare’s language are due in part to his genius, in partto the fact that the unsettled linguistic forms of his agepromoted to an unusual linguistic degree the spirit of freecreativeness, and in part to the theory of composition thenprevailing,” says Sister Miriam. “The difference in habitsof thought and in methods of developing a thought resultsin a corresponding difference in expression principallybecause the Renaissance theory of composition, derivedfrom an ancient tradition, was permeated with formal logic andrhetoric, while ours is not.”

This classic work was originally published in 1947 and has long beenout of print. Two major newspapers had high praise forShakespeare’s Use of the Arts of Language when it was firstpublished:

“The importance of this book is that it makes clear what we oughtto mean when we call Shakespeare an artist in language...Theaverage person today knows two figures of speech if he knowsany...Shakespeare knew two hundred.”— Mark Van Doren, NewYork Herald Tribune

“A truly magnificent work of learning.”—Newark News

And contemporary literary critic Harold Bloom,author of The Western Canon, says:“Sister Miriam Joseph’s Shakespeare’s Use of the Artsof Language remains, after more than half a century,an immensely valuable aid to serious students of thegreatest of all writers. The book manifests enormouslearning and real wisdom in applying that erudition tothe needs of contemporary readers.”

Extensive bibliography.15-page index.Hardcover