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Saint Peter and the First Years of Christianity

Saint Peter and the First Years of Christianity

Roman Catholic Books

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The early Church: we know more than most people think.

And one reason is we had scholars who could write as compellingly as Constant Fouard. Next to the period of Our Lord's earthly life, the apostolic age that followed was -- and is -- the richest and most revealing for Christians. It was then that the blueprint for living the Gospels was drawn. Yet for Catholics of the past two generations, into the memory hole has gone the learning of any number of Scripture and Patristics scholars, and with it the robust Catholic publishing production.

As a partial remedy, Roman Catholic Books has brought back Abbe Constant Fouard's brilliant factual account of the early years of Christianity. With an introduction by the famed James Cardinal Gibbons, Abbe Fouard's book, trumpets Catholic World magazine 100 years ago...

"Shows how much may be obtained by the diligent and truth-seeking student...simple, clear [and] distinct....Peter and the other Apostles seem to stand before us as living men. With him we follow them as they descend the Mount of Olives to re-enter the Supper-Room, where with Mary they persevered in prayer until the Holy Spirit came. Afterwards we see how he to whom Jesus had said, 'Feed my lambs, feed my sheep,' took the position of leader, the Holy Ghost first speaking by his mouth. The words spoken and the acts done are told as they have been transmitted to us without any digression into controversy, as if they must be understood by the reader as plainly as they were by the hearers and witnesses of them. Perverters of the Scriptural narrative are ignored....Our author does not have to prove that there was a church, because his readers hear the Church speaking.

We wish that more Church historians knew how to bring out our religion as a living thing....Men are perishing because the truth is being willfully ignored, Christianity is being rejected because erroneous confessions of faith can be picked to pieces. Conviction is being overthrown to give place to doubt, and the remedy is knowledge of religion as God gave it to man through the channels which He appointed for its extension....Abbe Fouard's book will help to make the truth known."

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