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The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan

The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan

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“The devil, the ‘prince of this world,’ even todaycontinues his insidious actions. Each and every man ...is tempted by the devil when he least expects it.” Pope John Paul II.

Providentially, perhaps, that is the exact theme of Fr. LivioFanzaga’s The Deceiver: Our Daily Battle with Satan—thetop-selling religious book in Italy in 2000, now in Englishfrom Roman Catholic Books. Fr. Fanzaga, the Rome-educatedand Vatican-endorsed writer and director ofEurope’s largest Catholic radio network, warns:Efforts to soft-pedal the reality and continuous threatof the devil have left many Catholics “unarmed andunprepared” to resist him.But the question is: How does Satan tempt and deceive us?How can we see through him, and resist him?

Drawing dazzlingly from Scripture, tradition, saints’ lives, and hispastoral experience, Fr. Fanzaga supplies practical answers:

  • Widespread misconceptions about Satan, his methods andhis powers (shared by not a few devout Catholics)
  • How Satan “personalizes” temptations to take advantage ofyour peculiar weaknesses
  • Two “fundamental activities” of Satan, seen in Scripture
  • The False Benefactor: how Satan always has somethingseemingly “good” to offer at the moment of temptation
  • How individual corruption by sin can pass through families
  • How Satan takes advantage of human desire for happiness
  • The first (and most potent) defense against the evil one
  • How good angels will prompt us towards doing good
  • Why the undisciplined flesh is “the most insidious enemy ofour eternal salvation.” Its extraordinary capacity to make usbelieve that the good is impossible
  • Why does God permit an experience—temptation—thatcould lead to our defeat?
  • How God not only permits, but limits temptations
  • How our culture conditions our thoughts and actions,even for those of us who resist its message
  • Temptation of Eden: what it reveals about the ways of Satan
  • The Serpent’s lies to Eve: each a crucial step in her seduction.How they are all loudly echoed in our culture today
  • How Our Lord faced his adversary in the desert (and theclear lessons here, for us)
  • The tempting illusion that death is still very far away
  • Why Satan does not challenge God directly
  • Why Genesis represents Satan as a serpent
  • Meaning of other Biblical images of Satan—suchas the roaring lion and the furious dragon
  • Why we are much more vulnerable to the snaresof evil than our first parents, Adam and Eve
  • The three types of “concupiscence” (proclivity tosin) against which we must constantly guard
  • Why revelation alone—not reason or science—isour source of knowledge about Satan
  • Two great events in history reveal the evil one
  • How we know from Scripture that temptationis lifelong
  • Why fallen angels, unlike men, were never forgivenfor their sins
  • How Satan deftly hides himself behind people,things and events
  • Gospel passage spotlights origins of Satan’s hatred of God
  • How Satan imprints his own image—the “mark of thebeast”—on his servants, just as God’s image is imprinted on His
  • Special sources of strength, when we feel abandoned by God
  • One “dangerous illusion” that sometimes accompaniesvictories over temptation
  • Remarkable parallels between modern ideologies likeliberalism and Eve’s belief she would be acquiring “wisdom”
  • Satan as “counselor”: how he deceives us with “advice”from friends, acquaintances, even family members
  • The Spiritual Masters: what their reflections and teachingsreveal about the human experience of temptation
  • The “hissing of the serpent”: how to recognize—and beready for—the precise moment when temptation springs up
  • The trap of discouragement
  • The seven capital vices, and their linkage to temptation
  • Three ways Satan impedes repentance itself
  • True vs. false supernatural phenomena: principles andguidelines for discernment
  • Satan’s strength: not to be underestimated—but limited inone all-important way

    PLUS: How Satan tempts you with (and how to resist):Neglect of God and Prayer • Attachment to Material Things• Worries and the Anxieties of Life • Distrust • Complaining• Blasphemy • Irritability • Misunderstanding • Lack of ReciprocalAcceptance • Infidelity • Immodesty • Lust • Curiosity • Gossip• Foul Language • Deception • Injustice • Dishonesty• Vanity and Pride • Jealousy and Envy • The Refusal to Forgive• Misuse of Free Time • Television and Entertainment

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