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Roman Liturgical Vestments

Roman Liturgical Vestments

Roman Catholic Books

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 “If only every priest, sacristan, master of ceremonies, nun and pious needlewoman could be persuaded to read it.”


So wrote liturgist Raymond James in the Ampleforth Journal when Roman Liturgical Vestments was first published in the 1920s. Now it is available again from Roman Catholic Books in a handsome limited edition, generously illustrated


Continued Mr. James:

“The author has traced very ably the development of the vestments of the Western Church and has most happily combined art, tradition, authority, and practical needs.”

And, from the Times Literary Supplement of London:

“Discusses with useful illustrations the history of the vestments of the Christian Church in a fresh and lucid style. The author’s remarks on the original shape of the chasuble should interest liturgical students, and his plea for the restoration of the ampler forms of vestment that prevailed [before the Renaissance] is opportune."