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The Complete Catholic Handbook

The Complete Catholic Handbook

Roman Catholic Books

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A portable, comprehensive source-book oftraditional doctrine, liturgy, prayers, and more

Some of what you'll find in this valuable hardcover

  • Compete catechism of Christian faith and morals (the classic Penny Catechism, with supplementary questions from the Baltimore Catechism)
  • Complete Missal containing the Ordinary and Proper of the traditional Latin Mass, with English translation
  • Traditional Catholic prayers, many in both English and Latin
  • Compendium of the most important elements of Holy Scripture

Plus special sections on...

Important Catholic terms-definitions for over 100 • Principal Catholic devotions (some with complete text) • Chief heresiesin Church history • The Bible and its contents • What is Tradition? • The hierarchy of theChurch • The Councils of the Church •Vestments: names, descriptions, usageand significance • The gifts and fruitsof the Holy Ghost • Principal feasts ofthe liturgical year, with explanations• Principal Catholic sacramentals andceremonies, explained • Miracles of theOld and New Testaments • Parables ofOur Lord (text and commentaries) •Making a spiritual communion

All this and more in a sturdy hardbound volume. Please be aware that this guide to the Faith was published before Vatican II, and the new Code of Canon Law, promulgated byPope John Paul II in 1983, replaces these canonical references.