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Day of Reckoning Softcover

Day of Reckoning

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Hubris (not patriotism)…ideology (not conservatism)… greed (not a free economy guided by Christian ethics): eating away at the nation’s soul


Pat Buchanan’s newest book - just released, in time to shake up the 2008 presidential campaign

Ronald Reagan’s ex-director of communications, a three-time presidential candidate himself, identifies deadly threats to our society’s survival. Dividing conservative Christians is a war we cannot win. While some Catholics support it as a second front in the war against Western Christianity, Buchanan lays out the evidence that America is a DE-Christianized society, pursuing a secularist agenda on the world stage with the thinnest possible veneer of bogus religiosity. With abortion having taken out 45 million of our young, our society has replaced faith in God with faith in the power of “democracy” and “human rights” with “free” commerce. And with masses of illegals who are part of a larger plan to weaken what is left of our tattered old culture.

Buchanan lays out hundreds of pieces of what is, to most observers, a puzzle - and he puts the pieces together for readers:

  • how free trade is hollowing out American industry, with huge numbers of manufacturing jobs having disappeared in the Bush years
  • families breaking apart, strained in many cases by couples holding down three and even four jobs
  • picking fights with Russia long after the Soviet Union has burst apart: why?
  • what Neo-conservatives intend to do with their influence, and already have
  • some of the founding fathers’ wisest remarks, sprinkled throughout the text. How they apply to today
  • the obvious plan to merge Mexico and Canada with the U.S. - it’s well in gear
  • why we just cannot handle the influx of the immigrants we already have, no matter how decent most may be
  • the old George Bush vs. the new one
  • why Wolfowitz and company want to pick new fights in the Middle East, and how they typically work their will on U.S. foreign policy
  • seven edicts thundered by President Bush which amount to a promise of “perpetual war”
  • add to them eight commitments we retain from the old Cold War era
  • why “ideology is modernity’s golden calf…our substitute for religious faith”
  • “the Democratist temptation”
  • hundreds of billions of our assets here at home are now foreign-owned—with trillions more in the pipeline
  • why peace with Iran is far simpler than the peace we worked out with the USSR (with its thousands of nuclear warheads) and other powers

It’s often forgotten that Buchanan—who defeated Bob Dole in the ’96 New Hampshire Primary, nearly knocking him out of the race—was Richard Nixon’s most prominent Catholic aide, a confidant of the man widely considered a master negotiator in crisis times. As speechwriter and advisor, he was brought to China by Nixon for the summit with Mao, and to Iceland by Reagan for the disarmament talks with Gorbachev. He watched his boss walk out on the Soviets, “his face a mask of rage,” and hastily re-wrote the President’s historic remarks as they headed back to Air Force One. His indictment of the second Bush Administration, and of the contemporary America so alien to the one we took for granted a generation ago, is very wise, and very Catholic.

His “ten tough but simple steps” to put off America’s “day of reckoning,” laid out in his final chapter, make eminent good sense.