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God Will Not Abandon You

God Will Not Abandon You

Roman Catholic Books

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In one volume: 47 profound, uplifting sermons by one of the most gifted preachers of our time


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Catholics who have been blessed to hear the late Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro preach in person know him to be almost beyond compare as a homilist. Few priests can plumb the depths of Scripture and Catholic doctrine as he does; fewer still have such power to touch the heart. Now, Roman Catholic Books has assembled 47 of Msgr. Barreiro’s finest sermons – each of permanent value – into a single volume that’s all but guaranteed to deepen your spiritual life and inspire you to become a better Catholic.

Linked to the major liturgical feasts and seasons, the sermons collected here range from profound spiritual reflections to penetrating social commentary to vigorous defenses of the traditional doctrines, disciplines and liturgy of the Church. Some key topics and themes:

  • The modern fallacy that Christ’s infinite mercy somehow excuses disobedience to His unchanging moral commands
  • The perennial temptation to change the Gospel message to make it more acceptable—and the inevitable consequences
  • True conversion to Christ: not an isolated moment, as in Protestantism, but the living out of a spiritual habit
  • The two chief reasons Our Lord asks us to carry crosses
  • Faith without charity: not only a dead faith, but in some ways the faith of the demons themselves
  • How the truth and beauty of the traditional Mass can touch hearts and minds, and draw non-Catholics into the Church
  • The importance of public proclamations of our faith, such as Eucharistic processions
  • The fascinating history of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. How it perfectly accords with reason
  • How—and how not—to defend the Faith against its enemies (including those inside the Church)
  • The utmost importance of gratitude to God. Why at least once a week we should make a careful examination of all the graces He has given us
  • How through His grace Jesus sanctifies (1) our souls, (2) our faculties, and (3) our activities
  • What we can know, and must believe, about the Holy Trinity —and what will be forever beyond our comprehension
  • Why we can be sure that when error seems to flourish in the Church, the Lord will send us men like St. Athanasius
  • Reading the lives of the saints: crucial to a healthy spiritual life
  • Why, in most circumstances, choosing not to speak the whole truth of Christ is the same as denying Him. Three situations where it is permissible
  • Jesus the only path to salvation: the many ways this core Catholic doctrine has been watered down in our time
  • Why Christ’s warning that “many are called, but few are chosen" does not contradict His will that all men be saved
  • Anger: when it is moral, when not, and how to control it. What Scripture means when it says God is angry
  • Satan’s two motives for tempting Christ
  • The best way to assist the poor, as revealed in Pope Pius XII’s prophetic encyclical on the Social Kingship of Christ
  • What St. Joseph’s example can teach today’s husbands and fathers, in a time when the manly virtues are under attack
  • Mary as the perfect model for wives and mothers
  • How the guidance of the Holy Family can protect our own families from a society bent on destroying them
  • The concept of redemption: commonly misunderstood. What it really means, and how it is reenacted at every Mass
  • Envy: one of the most serious attacks on charity. The parable that teaches most compellingly against it
  • The Transfiguration: why the Lord gave this glimpse of Heaven to Peter, James and John – and what it means for us
  • The spiritual meanings of Christ’s healing the lepers and raising the dead
  • “Holy fear”: what it is, and why we should have it (the saints do)
  • As true today as ever: “those who finish their life with even only one mortal sin, their destiny is hell”
  • Christ’s very precise instructions on how to identify false teachings on doctrinal and moral matters
  • 4 things we can learn from the inspired words of the prophet Simeon upon seeing the infant Messiah in the temple
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus: not a mere optional devotion, but a way of understanding the infinite love of Christ, with significant doctrinal implications
  • Where the Bible resoundingly affirms the intercessory power of Our Lady
  • The three great miracles that proclaimed Christ’s divinity to the world—-and which mark the road of every Catholic
  • Our obligations to legitimate authorities—in government and the Church—-and when we must not obey them
  • Thomas: why we can be sure that anything that is contrary to nature (in our day, the Culture of Death and the abomination of “gay marriage”) cannot last
  • The only defense that will work against Muslim terrorists

Ordained in 1987 by Cardinal John O'Connor for the Archdiocese of New York, Msgr. Barreiro spent two decades running the Human Life International Rome office, serving the traditional Latin Mass community there as well. He died as a curate at St. Mary's parish of Norwalk, CT, which celebrates some of the most beautiful traditional Masses anywhere in the world. 

Msgr. Barreiro wrote these words during the five years he suffered from metastasized cancer, and the battle inherent in such a predicament, friends say, has made his spiritual reflections as compelling as any currently available.