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Last Things First

Last Things First

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Few Catholic traditionalists have the kind of background RobertPhillips has. A professor of philosophy at the University ofConnecticut, he holds a degree from Oxford and has contributed toa wide variety of respected scholarly publications having nothing todo with Church politics or, indeed, with theology of any sort.Significant Phillips essays have appeared in books beside those ofliberal icons like Noam Chomsky, or in magazines like ChristianCentury or Ethics and International Affairs.

Which makes his views on the Church and the Mass since VaticanII all the more valuable—and exceptionally useful to traditionalistswho need allies from the "outside." Fluidly and brilliantly, Phillipsoutlines the case against the New Church, deftly invoking remarksby Catholic influentials like Pope Benedict himself.

Sampling of book chapters and themes:


  • Feminism and the Denial of Providence. Emphasis onenemy inroads into the Church as well as the arts and sciences
  • Terrorism: Historical Root and Moral Justifications. It'sall linked to the suicidal decline of the Christian West, Dr.Phillips shows
  • Communitarianism, the Vatican, and the New GlobalOrder. What a tangled web New Rome has weaved...
  • Pluralism and the Attack on the Catholic Church. Liberalsociety and its effects withinIn every page, Prof. Phillips spells out, ashe puts it, how..."...it is a clear work of Divine Providencethat is slowly calling the Church back tothe pristine orthodoxy of the Council ofTrent, of the First Vatican Council, andthe many farsighted papal encyclicals ofthe 19th and early 20th centuries. I seethis happening especially among theyoung and recently ordained priests."

    His repeated notes of encouragement and hope inspired Msgr.Ignacio Barreiro to call Dr. Phillips's volume,"Some of the most valuable post-Vatican II writing by anytraditionalist observer. His credentials as an author andcommentator are solid, and his approach to the crisis in theChurch makes Robert Phillips a leading force forconstructive reform. Moreover, his much-underrated pieceson the post-Christian social crisis of the West make thisbook essential reading all by themselves."

    "Filled with fresh insights into old questions. Thus it containsquite an important chapter on Pope Pius XII and theposthumous attacks that have been visited upon that greatpontiff....My favorite essay in this book is 'Deconstructing theMass.' Here Professor Phillips gives the reader a crash course inwhat has happened to philosophy over the past few centuries,and how it relates to the liturgical reform of the 1960s."—Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Latin Mass

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