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Manual of Confirmation

Manual of Confirmation

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The earliest manual of Confirmation for general use is now back in print

Enormously popular a century ago because it laid out all the basic required knowledge in a readable way for students-and spoke to parents and clergy.

The chief resource for Confirmation preparation for more than 1,000 dioceses in the US and Europe over four decades


  • Question and Answer format makes the doctrinal points easy to memorize and understand
  • Forgotten (and beautiful) devotional prayers to the Holy Spirit
  • Scriptural origins of the Sacrament, outlined
  • Development of the prayers and ritual in early Christian tradition, also outlined
  • Full text of Leo XIII's great encyclical on the Holy Spirit, Divinum Illud
  • Duties of parents both before and after Confirmation
  • Bishop's key role and why
  • Explained: gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Traditional Confirmation ceremony
  • Confirmation names and sponsors: how and why?

    Author and skilled educationist Fr. P.J. Schmitt also addresses these crucial points, long neglected in Confirmation training:

  • Explaining the rite of Confirmation, line by line
  • Where Protestants and Catholics disagree on the need for a Sacramental life, and why Confirmation and Baptism are distinct in the Acts of the Apostles
  • In fact, say the Fathers of the early Church, without Confirmation you cannot be a perfect Christian
  • The "ordinary" and "extraordinary" effects of Confirmation; why the extraordinary effects ceased after apostolic times and should not be expected today
  • The need to adore the Holy Spirit with distinct and special devotion

    Complete with hymns to the Holy Spirit...the Novena and Litany in honor of the Holy Spirit...Acts before and after Confirmation, this marvelous guide is far too important to leave only to those preparing for the Sacrament itself.