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Nixon's White House Wars

Nixon's White House Wars

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Buchanan lays it all out in his newest book, his first account of those years at the pinnacle of power. President Nixon took young Buchanan on all key trips, e.g. to China and Russia for summits, and relied upon the Catholic phenom for advice on everything from leftist media deception to Watergate to building his blue collar election coalition. In over 400 pages, with many rare photos from Buchanan’s private stock, interested Catholics and conservatives can learn more about modern politics, not to mention the Nixon years, than in any college course. “After one meeting,” wrote Buchanan in a 1972 memo, Nixon “clapped [me] on the shoulder saying, ‘Pat, we’ve had some good battles together, haven’t we?’” The mature master-politician and young Catholic thinker-strategist were a unique combination.

“What does Buchanan think?”
—Richard M. Nixon

That phrase, “heard over and over again,” according to President Nixon’s personal aide, Dwight Chapin, reflected Nixon’s constant interest in the input of his 30-year-old conservative Catholic aide, Patrick J. Buchanan. Hired as the first staffer to help candidate Nixon wade through choppy political waters—then kept on as the go-to Nixon White House strategist and major speechwriter—Buchanan helped guide Nixon to two major victories. Part of his plan was factoring the interests of Catholics, and other Christians, into the calculus.
Buchanan has waited 45 years to reveal the inner workings of the Nixon White House and describe the battles and strategies that show the author, to this day, the premier political analyst in the country. So it’s no surprise that his tale contains scores and scores of lessons in politics and strategy for conservative Christians confronting a moral revolution today—lessons, too, for President Trump and his Christian allies. For instance:
How an indifferent Nixon took the right side on abortion (with the author’s help)

  • Pat’s case for unity of GOP factions—Christians included, and never more imperative than now, with a new president not unlike Nixon
  • Why the left often succeeds (and the right could too) with one basic asset that never seems to desert them
  • How to divide the Party of abortion
  • Long excerpts from Buchanan memos to President Nixon on dealing with the news media and the organized Left—still ringing true today, more than ever
  • Interactions with leading Churchmen of the day

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