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Possession; Its Nature, Causes, and Treatment

Possession; Its Nature, Causes, and Treatment

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Questions about diabolical possession?

All the major questions, some of them perplexing, that laymen have about possession are expertly fielded in this nonsensational yet direct treatment by the late Msgr. Leon Cristiani. Included in one booklet-length essay:

  • “Indubitable proof of possession.”
  • 8 signs and symptoms.
  • Difference between infestation and actual possession.
  • What God’s “role” is in such terrible events.
  • What Satan is never permitted.
  • How the devil suffers in exorcism.
  • Can devils “specialize” in certain kinds of evil?
  • Why personal faults do not cause possession.
  • Unsuccessful exorcism.
  • When the devil takes possession of a truly religious person or even a cleric.
  • Why there is no predestination to evil or damnation.
  • How & why devils fool exorcists and the possessed, at times