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Priestly Zeal for Souls

Priestly Zeal for Souls

Roman Catholic Books

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"A priest needs to have a way to evaluate and meditate upon his priestly performance." - Catholic pastor

Adds the same veteran, about his fellow-priests,

"We can always make small improvements. So many souls will be affected. If one soul is affected, that is worth everything."

He recommends this title, whose author, the esteemed Fr. John Janssen, SVD, drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of 20th century readers—many of them laymen—by stressing the life of the Holy Spirit in a priest's daily routine. "The Forgotten Paraclete," he called Him, whom "we priests, as a class, are so slow and remiss in promoting."

In 31 accessible chapters, scores of topics unfold, including:

  • the three primary "means of zeal for souls"
  • most efficacious manner of administration of the Sacraments
  • proper "solicitude for the various states of life"
  • charity for the poor souls
  • "the loss of heaven"…temporal consequences of sin…meditation on eternal punishment
  • the "inseparable association" of the priest with the Holy Spirit
  • 17 chapters outline the deep meaning of charity in all its particulars

"Solid without becoming heavy."
"Fr. Janssen's brief reflections have a power to draw us up sharply…and then send us on to work for souls with renewed zeal infused with greater charity. Solid without becoming heavy, these meditations on zeal and charity have that quality of sound piety: they appeal to reason but move us to more than mere intellectual assent." -Books On Trial

"Should be of great benefit to seminarians and priests."   -American Ecclesiastical Review, 1946

"31 short chapters on the virtues needed in the priestly life. The style is succinct—suggestive rather than exhaustive—and thus well-fitted for use as a manual of meditation. The frequency with which the author quotes Sacred Scripture (especially St. Paul) and The Imitation of Christ should send the priest back gladly to these original sources…." -Homiletic & Pastoral Review

"Speaks with profound beauty of the glories of the priesthood." -Msgr. Richard Soseman, Vatican City, New Preface to the Roman Catholic Books edition

Translated into several languages from the original German and sold to hundreds of thousands of devout clergy, religious and laity.

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Quality softcover.