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Surprising Mystics

Surprising Mystics

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"Remarkable collection of studies of eccentric sanctity ... of extreme interest."
Times Literary Supplement

The renowned Jesuit author Herbert Thurston'sfinal book about one of his favorite topics-mystics and their extraordinary experiences-fascinated both Catholic and non-Catholic alike,and was celebrated as...

"A study of persons who come under the categoryof abnormal sainthood [who] have never comeunder the strict supervision of the Church becauseevidence was lacking for their beatification,though not all of them were regarded as impostersor hysterics....The care exercised in this study ofthese lives manifests all the more the Church's goalto contain her mystics by reason, custom, andrevelation."-Philosophy and Phenomeno-logicalResearch

"...of the greatest possible interest to members of theSociety for Physical Research [and] of the greatest possiblevalue to the general public, and in particular toCatholics."-London Tablet"Contains much that will astonish...valuable as a work ofreference on mysticism...reviews the lives of 13persons...perhaps the best-known is Anne CatherineEmmerich....Thurston proceeds very cautiously inpassing judgments, and warns over and over againthat ‘mystical phenomena, visions and copiousrevelations, no matter how edifying, need to bescrutinized very, very carefully before they can beaccepted as the seal set by God upon holiness oflife."-Benedictine Review

"It is unfortunate that till modern times, all suchphenomena were regarded as either fabricated orelse of divine or diabolic origin....It is alsounfortunate that the teaching of St. John of theCross and of other spiritual masters, on the needfor the subject to disregard all such phenomena inthe approach to God, has so often been unknownand neglected, and that too often, directors of conscience[spiritual directors] have given way to the temptation ofcuriosity."-The Month

"So much was [Fr. Thurston] a priest as well as a scholar,so lovingly intent on the study of the mystic as a wholeperson, that these 13 biographical sketches remind one of aseries of brilliant tapestries, peopled by figures almostalive."-Blackfriars