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Social Manual for Seminarians

Social Manual for Seminarians

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 NOT just for clergy: a manual of manners for Catholic men

Originally targeted for seminarians, we think this is a book all young Catholic men should have on their shelves—and one they’d consult from time to time, when social etiquette questions arise.

Most of the primary topics in this book, written by two veteran priests, will help Catholic men from all walks of life, not only seminarians. Examples:

  • Importance of Schedules
  • Conversation technique, situations, and suitability
  • Table Manners
  • Proper Training
  • Posture
  • Annoying Habits
  • Smoking
  • Eating and Table Manners
  • Waiting on Table
  • Tipping
  • Sports
  • Telephone Usage
  • When Sickness comes
  • Cars
  • When the Ladies are Present
  • Introductions
  • Good Manners and Action
  • First Solemn Mass
  • Correspondence
  • Setting Best Example for Children

In his Foreword, Boston's Cardinal Cushing encapsulated the importance of this manual for Catholic men - particularly those who are representing the Church, and indeed Christ, in the Priesthood:

"The love of God has brought these students to our seminaries. The love of neighbor should motivate them to acquire gracious knowledge of correct social relation so as to make their future apostolate effective."

A few paragraphs are dated, but most of the advice and rules of etiquette from 1963 hold up perfectly well. For example:

  • The importance of clean clothes and general hygiene
  • Hair grooming (not styling), fingernails, shaving, and bathing
  • Dressing: places where casual attire is proper, and where it is not; clean and pressed clothing
  • Keeping rooms neat
  • How to walk properly; how to stand
  • How to sit and where one may sit down
  • “Custody of the eyes” with regard to women
  • Good listening in conversation; the do’s and don’ts of a conversationalist
  • Unmentionable bad habits
  • Dead giveaways to boorishness
  • The four scourges of bad table manners

A detailed quiz—more than 50 questions—at book’s end test your basic etiquette knowledge.


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