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The Sword of the Prophet

The Sword of the Prophet

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It's beginning to dawn on Americans of all persuasions that Islam is no friend.

And none too soon, says journalist-scholar Serge Trifkovic, whose alarming new book documents present- day Moslem atrocities on several continents. He also examines:

  • The anti-Christian bias of most major media coverage which, oddly enough, leads to whitewashing of the Islamic faith
  • Actual teachings of both "militant Islam" and allegedly "moderate Islam"
  • Hair raising elements in the Koran, the Islamic bible
  • The prophet Mohammed's life and works, in disturbing detail
  • Treatment of females, easy divorce, temporary marriage, quantity of wives: but you've probably heard only a fraction of the horrors Moslem women face
  • Why "right" and "just" in Islam have shifting meanings and are not anchored in God's decrees
  • Why the Crusades made sense, mostly
  • The two worlds, according to Islam: the House of Islam and the House of War (guess where we're located). Why Moslems regard cessation of hostilities as mere temporary truces
  • Moslem massacres in the past few years
  • The golden age of Islam -- a sobering overview, and one that belies the notion that Moslems are inept
  • Our ally, Saudi Arabia. A true portrait of the regime
  • Homosexuality, in the twisted Islamic purview
  • Muslim minorities in Christian countries: the Koran permits them to adopt a peaceful approach -- but only to deceive

    Chapter: "Western Appeasement." Why we're afraid, how liberals undermine resolve, what lessons we should take from Europe's recent experience with Moslems

    Chapter: "Jihad's Fifth Column." Their operations and scope of activity in our own country

    "The arbiters of official Islam will not tell us what Islam is, only what they want it to be. For the truth, we must turn to Dr. Serge Trifkovic, a European historian of broad learning...and keen political insight."--Brian Mitchell, Investor's Business Daily

    "Pulls no punches identifying Islamic fundamentalism as the greatest danger to Western values since the end of the Cold War....Deals with what many consider to be the major issue of our time -- the question of whether Western and Muslim civilizations can live together in peace [and] outlines in carefully measured terms what must be done....Fearless and straightforward."-- Ambassador James Bissett, Canada

    Author Serge Trifkovic's overpowering credentials include reporting for U.S. News and World Report, the BBC and the Washington Times; articles for the London Times, Chronicles of Culture and numerous other publications; several books; and postdoctoral work with a special State Department grant at the Hoover Institution.