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St. Thomas Aquinas - Meditations for Every Day

St. Thomas Aquinas - Meditations for Every Day

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Some books lift the spirit. Others improve character. Others sharpen the mind. This one does all three.

Truly great Catholic devotional books that transform your heart, intellect and soul can be counted on the fingers of two hands. This is one of them. Drawn from St. Thomas Aquinas’s masterpiece, the Summa Theologica, and from his other writings, it features:

  1. 365 daily meditations, for each day of the liturgical year
  2. Retreat conferences for priests and for the laity St. Thomas’s magnificent hymns
  3. All of this translated from Aquinas’s Latin into simple English.

 Together, these meditations will:

  1. Enliven and enrich lackluster spiritual life
  2. Stimulate growth in virtue and give strength to resist vice
  3. Improve your grasp of essential dogmas and doctrines
  4. Aid in proper reception of the Holy Eucharist and in making good confessions

“These meditations may truly be called a compendium of the Summa, since they are culled mostly therefrom…and arranged, with references to the original, for daily use throughout the year,” observes translator Fr. E.C. McEniry, OP.

The book is ingeniously organized:

Part One: For Advent, excerpts from St. Thomas on the Incarnation, followed by sections on the Birth of Our Lord, His Infancy and Public Life. For Lent: reflections on Our Lord’s Sufferings and Death on the Cross. For Easter and afterwards: your regeneration through grace, through glorification and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and through the Eucharist, ending with the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Part two: From July through Advent, five sections deal with God and His Attributes, the Three Ways of Spiritual Advancement (purgative, illuminative and unitive), and finally St. Thomas’s treatment of the Four Last Things. Following the meditations are 17 topics (with exercises) for spiritual retreats from St. Thomas, including “The State of Perfection,” “The Good Use of Time,” “The Necessity of the Three Vows,” and “The Works of the Active Life.”