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Tempered Optimism and the Grace of Confession

Tempered Optimism and the Grace of Confession

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Fr. Alfred Wilson, perhaps the best-known English-language confessor of the mid-20th century, brought great hope to countless conscientious people who were trying to conquer faults and to understand how Confession could help them work out a better spiritual life. Among his themes in three wide-ranging and practical essays:

  • Remorse or repentance: what is required for true contrition?


  • What it means to make a firm purpose of amendment


  • The conditions for a valid confession


  • Reducing, but not eliminating, our sins—the surprising truth about what the Church requires


  • Proper formation of resolutions


  • The benefits of human weakness


  • Reasons for our failure to improve in the spiritual life


  • Proper motives for confession


  • The danger of “spiritual myopia”


  • “The remedy for all our failures is to love God more”


  • Approaching the sacrament of confession with appropriate confidence


  • What is required for adequate reparation for sin


  • Growing out of “emotional infancy”


  • Avoiding the “mirage of routinism"