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The "Usefulness" of Temptations

The "Usefulness" of Temptations

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If God allows temptation, He also enables you to USE it

The "Usefulness" of Temptations by Fr. P. J. Michel, S. J. Everyone looking for more effective ways to deal withflaws or temptations will be guided by Jesuit Father P. J. Michel’s great knowledge of the interior life and thehuman heart—the result of years of experience in the direction of souls. His wisdom will help not only inovercoming small flaws and temptations, but in actually using them to advance in the spiritual life.

  • Different temptations are encountered by different types of souls and personalities
  • Which temptations to encounter with confidence
  • Temptations to despise and forget
  • Deriving a means for sanctification fromtemptations
  • Temptations as a remedy against evil
  • How temptations can lead directly to the practice of virtues