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What is He Doing at the Altar?

What is He Doing at the Altar?

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"Please God, if you do not know what the priest is doing at the altar, and why he is doing it, this pamphlet may make matters clearer, especially if you hold it in your hands, and use it to help you to follow his words and actions. You may not be able to get used to Mass all at once: but if you perseveringly try to do so you will soon find that Mass is not only the greatest thing in the world but also the dearest."

"These pages are meant for anyone, Catholic or not, who goes into a Catholic Church when ‘Mass’ is being said, and does not understand what the Priest is doing at the Altar."

"There is always a meaning in anything that is said or done in the church during Mass."

"You do not see, in a Catholic Church, any signs of a religion that was invented merely a thousand years ago, or a hundred years, or yesterday: but everything reminds you that she is the same Church that Christ founded and that has endured ever since."