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Women Priests and other Fantasies
Women Priests and other Fantasies

Women Priests and other Fantasies

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The Fearless Jesuit Fr. Vincent Miceli’s best essays.

When Fr. Vincent Miceli, SJ, began his writing career, all was well with the Church. Bishop Fulton Sheen -- who later called one Miceli book “as complete a study of atheism as exists in any language” -- was converting people. Seminaries were full. So were parochial schools.

Then came the revolution, and harassed by his Jesuit superiors, Miceli sought ultimate refuge in Rome, where he taught at two pontifical universities and befriended sympathetic Vatican officials. And wrote many of the essays that appear in this book. A partial listing:

  • Children as Blessings
  • The Morality of Nuclear Weapons
  • Abortion: God’s Viewpoint
  • The Virtue of Patriotism
  • The Forgotten Encyclical
  • Hans Kung: Credible ? An Inquiry
  • Detente All Round: Prelude to the Antichrist
  • Evangelizing the United States
  • Sisters as Symbols of the Sacred
  • Modernism and the Priest
  • Christ and Revolution
  • Christian Marxism: Sacrilegious Demagoguery
  • The Governor’s [Cuomo] Crooked Wisdom
  • Trojan Horse in the City of God
  • The Need for Fortitude
  • Modernism, Revisited
  • St. Thomas, Justice, and Marxism
  • Christian Zeal and Personal Renewal
  • Dietrich Von Hildebrand: Philosopher and Prophet of Truth
  • Atheistic Humanism in the U.S.A.
  • Transubstantiation: Anchor of Orthodoxy
  • The Church and the Family
  • St. Thomas, Human Liberty and Academic Freedom
  • Pope John Paul II and Catholic Universities

There are many more pieces like these -- including the Miceli essay on women priests, keynote of this very large volume. Says Fr. Miceli in his introduction: “This book declares that the truth is the highest object of theology and philosophy. Unfortunately it is not always the highest object of theologians and philosophers.” When he died a decade ago on the Feast of Corpus Christi, an astounding thing happened, surely a sign of Heaven’s favor. A day later, a newly ordained priest from Brooklyn said his first Mass. His name was Vincent Miceli.